SaaS solution for systemic affinity analysis.


QUAZR analyses personality and interaction

The "right" personality traits have a great influence on how a person fulfils their professional role. But the relationships between the people who work together are crucial for personal and entrepreneurial success. Shine a light on both aspects with QUAZR.


at a glance


QUAZR draws on a large data set of profiles and best matches. This way you get the best selection, without bias.

15 minutes

186 questions can be answered in 15 minutes, you get a personality profile that shows you all relevant characteristics.


With QUAZR, you have access to all results at any time and from anywhere, regardless of whether you are in the office or on the road using your smartphone.


Order an additional target profile, applicant:inside profile or new matching whenever you need it.

Complex analysis, understandable results

Criteria for good personnel decisions are diverse and complex. Our analysis captures this complexity, but gives you clear and understandable results.

On the one hand, you receive a clear and easy-to-understand profile with a comparison to the target profile and important inputs for good (team) work.

Even more valuable are the results of the systemic matching of the profiles. You will gain insight into the psychological adhesion forces in your company. And thus the key information for the right constellation in teams, departments and the whole company.

How QUAZR works


analysis without drawers


Preferences and imprints in the sense of brain and behavioural research


Analysis and matching with large amounts of data and without prior assumptions


Specific personality profile

SACRED is an acronym and stands for the 6 recorded personality categories, each of which is divided into 5 expressions. These are displayed with a value between 0 and 100%.

This always results in a unique profile that does not simplify the complexity of the personality. The result itself is absolutely value-free. It is only in the comparison with the role and the system that it becomes clear whether the individual profile is helpful and suitable for the framework conditions.


unconscious imprints

Metaprogrammes refer to perceptual filters that determine our image of the world. They shape the personality to a great extent and decide

  • what things you pay attention to
  • how we absorb and process information
  • how we approach tasks or
  • deal with challenges.

What exactly is collected?

QUAZR analyses unconscious and controlling thought and behaviour patterns on the basis of current neuroscience and work psychology.

Stress management

How do pressure and unexpected situations influence the ability to act? What is the level of flexibility, emotionality and dissociation?


What is personal intrinsic motivation (most important personality-dependent incentives) How can it be reinforced by external incentives?

Communication style

Said is not the same as heard. In what way is information optimally absorbed and processed? Which sensory channel is preferred?

Decision-making process

How important are facts and what influence does intuition have? How high is the decisiveness and implementation power?

Leadership style

Is the understanding of leadership more fact- or people-oriented? How much does the person act with toughness, assertiveness and goal orientation?


What is particularly important to a person: is it people, the place of work, status or flexibility? And how does this influence working style and performance?

Optional addition:

Conflict management and OCEAN (Big5)

If you wish, you can supplement the already comprehensive personality analysis with additional these two modules. In the full version (PRO) they are automatically integrated.


Capture affinities


annotated target-performance comparisons for individuals, teams and entire organisations


with benchmark and recommendations of numerous successful combinations

Target-actual affinity:

Personality and role

If you store a target profile for an open position, all created actual profiles are compared with it. Deviations are not only shown graphically, you also receive information on how this can affect the fulfilment of the role. This allows you to assess in advance which deviations can have a negative or even positive effect or can be compensated for.

Is-is∞ affinity:

how are you positioned together?

By mapping two to infinitely many profiles, overlaps and deviations can be detected at a glance. Sometimes complementary profiles with strong deviations are beneficial, but harbour potential for conflict. If a cumulative team profile deviates strongly from the target, there is a need for action. The missing resources should be compensated or the team should be managed accordingly.


and basis for action

The QUAZR personality analysis not only shows what makes someone tick. You get a reliable prediction of what you can expect, how you should lead and how harmonious or conflict-prone the systemic cooperation is.